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inno ClimaFOAM

inno ClimaFOAM

  • smart foam for cleaning air conditioners and the evaporators.
  • destroys 99.9998% of bacteria and viruses
  • neutralizes odours and leaves a very mild and neutral scent without strong perfume notes
  • long-lasting synthetic foam with 3 months activity time
  • Expands after applying and clean all inaccessible places
  • does not damage any surface and doesn’t leave marks
  • easy to use and apply

inno ClimaFOAM is a smart foam designed for cleaning air conditioners and ventilation systems. These devices are suitable habitat for bacteria and mold that can be very harmful for human health. Thanks to it’s special formula, inno ClimaFOAM penetrates into channels and inaccessible places, clean dirt, mold, harmful microorganisms and neutralize bad odour. Inno ClimaFOAM mild and neutral scent without strong perfume notes.


Composition: mixture of detergents ( see SDS)
Apperance and color: white, viscous foam
Odour: neutral
Resistance: denatured, odorless hydrocarbon


Industry: Shake before use and apply inno ClimaFOAM at the surface of a cooler (evaporator). Use a 60 cm long tube for unreachable places. Leave for 5-10 minutes, then blow from the surface or rinse.Vehicles: Turn off ventilation and air conditioner that you want to clean. Apply the foam with a long tube pushed into a ventilation channel for 15 seconds drawing the tube out slowly. In this way you will clean up all ventilation channels and inaccessible places. Leave it for 15 minutes, then turn on air conditioner at maximum for a short time.


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