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inno SmellOFF

inno SmellOFF

  • Does not mask, but strongly neutralizes odors
  • Contains nanocapsules that absorb and encapsulate odor particles
  • Very powerful
  • Less complaints from households near by
  • Creates safer and more comfortable environment
  • There is no need for removing sources of odors
  • Reduces dangerous nitrogen and sulfur in the environment
  • Contains slight honey and almond perfume notes
  • Easy to use, apply and dose
  • Does not damage any surface and leaves no marks
  • REMEMBER: instead to plug your nose … inno SmellOFF


Inno SmellOFF is innovative odor neutralizer used to neutralize unpleasant odors. It contains nanocapsules that absorbs and encapsulate odor particles.

It can be used in waste treatment (liquid or solid), but also in all other situations where we can’t remove the causes of odors, or when we can’t reduce evaporation of unpleasant odors. For more information, see under usage and application.


Appearance and color: light blue liquid
Odor: mild; honey and almond
Ph: 2,8 – 3,2
Density: 1,0 – 1,1 g/ml at 25°C


Spray inno SmellOFF into the air by hand or using an automatic (pumps, fine sprayers). Shake it before use, especially after a long storage. Dosage: The amount of inno SmellOFF varies depending on the source of odors and its volume.

Each treatment and application should be examined to determine the minimum concentration of the product. It is a responsibility of the user that product is used according to their needs and in accordance with local laws and instructions.

Inno SmellOFF must be kept away from freezing and direct sunlight. Store it in the original unopened container at + 5 ° C to 35 ° C. The product is stable for at least 12 months from the date of delivery. To avoid contamination of the product during use it is necessary that product is handled carefully. Always use a clean sterilized equipment and packaging and keep the containers closed.


– Garbage dumps, sewage treatment and sludge separation facilities
– Curtains in industry facilities and slaughterhouses
– Exhaust ventilation of industrial buildings and stables
– Manure neutralization of manure
– Waste buckets, containers and waste vehicles


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