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inno ReINOX

inno ReINOX

  • regenerates, repairs and protects inox
  • high-quality epoxy resins and micronized particles of inox provides top quality of repair and protection
  • ideal product for restoration and protection of all inox equipment (tanks, pipes, industrial equipment, welding, refrigerators, sinks, kitchen equipment, marine equipment, fences, etc.)
  • high hiding power – created layer thickness; 30 microns for 1m2, 10 microns for 4m2***
  • High temperature resistance; up to 700˚C
  • excellent corrosion protection (exellent results on the salt-spray test)
  • creates a highly elastic adhesive film that does not crack
  • dries very fast and not dripping, excellent cathodic adhesion on all metal surfaces
  • certified by REACH – guarantees that there is no harmful ingredients

Inno ReINOX is a superior medium for the restoration and protection of inox, aluminum or other metals. The product is made from high quality epoxy resins and micronized particles of stainless steel. Inno ReINOX restores all surface damages caused by physical or weather conditions (scratches, chips, corrosion, pigmentation, patches, etc.). It can be painted 15 minutes after application, or it can be used as a final protection. It is resistant to marine water, salt air and all weather conditions. It dries quickly and does not drip. Inno ReINOX is highly temperature resistant medium (up to 700˚C) and, thanks to a corrosive cathodic protection, it is long resistant to corrosion.


Composition: synthetic colors, inox particles, solvent
Color: metallic inox
Odour: characteristic but mild
Resistance: volatile
Expiration time: unlimited
Evaporation time: dry on touch after 5 minutes, 15 minutes after second application, 100% protection is expected after 24h


  • Reparation and protection of inox, aluminum and other metal surfaces (containers, tanks, pipes, industrial equipment, weldings, refrigerators, sinks, kitchen equipment, marine equipment, fences, etc.).
  • Restoration and reparation of damage on inox and other metal surfaces, caused by physical or chemical influences.


  • shake before use
  • spread evenly over the clean surface from a 25 cm distance, at the end turn the dose upside down and spray it to clear the nozzle and to avoid the clogging
  • dry on touch after 5 minutes
  • second layer can be applied after 15 minutes
  • let it dry completely for 24 hours


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