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inno ThreadLOCK

inno ThreadLOCK

  • Lock and seals threads and bolts
  • Fast induration and corrosion protection
  • Resistant to vibrations and chemical influences
  • Resistant to temperatures from -50°C to + 180°C
  • Medium strength, can be disassembled with standard hand tools
  • Applicable to a variety of metals (steel, copper, zinc, …)
  • Safe in contact with gas and not toxic to drinking water


Inno ThreadLOCK is a product suitable for securing screws. It is one component anaerobic adhesive suitable for connecting threaded metal parts such as nuts and bolts. Seals and protects against loosening caused by shock and vibration. It hardens rapidly in the absence of air and in the contact with the metal. It is ressistant to corrosion, water, oil, hydrocarbons, gas and many other chemical influences. The product satisfies gas requirements; DIN EN 751-1 (DVGW – Germany) and drinking water requirements; EUROFINS (FRANCE).



Composition: dimethacrylate ester
Apperance and color: viscous liquid, blue
Fluorescence: UV positive
Strength: medium
Propellant: denatured, odorless hydrocarbon
Viscosity 25 ° C (Brookfield 20rpm): 2.000-4.000 mPa.s Tixotropic
Specific weight: 1,06
Boiling point; 86°C
Temperature stability: -50°C to 180°C
Torque ISO-10964: 8-15 N.m M10 x 20 – h 0,8 mm
Max. fill of the gaps: 0,25 mm
Chemical resistance: water, oil, hydrocarbons, gas and other
Weather condition resistence: exellent
Certificates, ind. standards: gas DIN EN 751-1 (DVGW), drinking water EUROFINS


  • – Induration (ready for use): 3-6 hours
  • – Induration (max.): 12-24 hours
  • – Functional induration time: brass, 3-5 minutes; zinc 10-15 minutes; steel 10-20 minutes (m10 x 20)


  1. Clean surfaces (external and internal) with SafeCLEAN or SafeCLEAN vapo and allow to dry
  2. To prevent induration of the product and clogging, during the application prevent direct contact with the surface
  3. Through holes sealing; apply several drops of the product on a bolt at the joint area
  4. Blind holes sealing, apply several drops of the product on the bottom third of the internal thread, or at the bottom of the hole
  5. For sealing applications; apply it on a male portion and make a full circle (360°), leaving the first thread free. For bigger threads and voids, adjust the product amount accordingly and apply it in the same way on the female portion (360°)
  6. Connect and tighten it as it is required


  • Disassemble with a standard hand tools. If it is not possible; heat up the blend to about 250°C and disassemble it while it is hot


  • Hardened compound can be removed with a combination of soaking in SafeCLEAN or SuperSTRIP solvent and mechanical abrasion with a wire brush


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