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inno SafeCLEAN

inno SafeCLEAN

• Safe and quick degreaser and anticorossive medium
• leaves anticorrosive film after cleaning
• removes grease, oil, tar, resin, lubricants, protective wax and silicones on engines, machines and other contaminated surfaces
• certified by REACH – guarantees that there is no harmful ingredients
• Cleans deep in the pores of a surface and doesn’t cause corrosion
• Evaporates slowly – provides prolonged cleaning time
• usable on metal, plastic, rubber, wood, fabrics, stone and painted surfaces


inno SafeCLEAN is a high quality cleaner and degreaser that has a wide range of use. Iti s not greasy and has a prolonged effect of cleaning due to its slow evaporation. It contains a special anti-corrosion additive that remains on the surface after cleaning and protects against rust. Does not damage the surfaces, varnished or painted plastics. Removes grease, oil, tar, resin, lubricants, protective waxes and silicones from engines, machines and other contaminated surfaces. Rinsing is possible but not necessary.


Composition: liquid (see SDS)
Color: colorless
Odour: characteristic, medium strong
Stability: low volatile
Expiraton time: unlimited

– Removes old lubricant before relubrication
– Cleans engines, brakes, carburetors
– Cleans and unclogs nozzles
– Cleans and degreases tools in metalworking industry
– Cleans hand tools
– Removes wax, tar and resin from coachworks and other surfaces
– Removes adhesive residues, adhesive tapes and stickers
– Cleaning and preparates surfaces before applying the adhesive or sealant


  1. Shake before use
  2. Apply to the surface.
  3. Leave to act for a few minutes.
  4. Wipe or rinse with high pressure cleaner if it is necessary.


inno SafeCLEAN Informacije o proizvodu

inno SafeCLEAN STL


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