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inno RockOFF

inno RockOFF

  • Removes limescale, cement, different types of mineral deposits.
  • Ideal remover of corrosion and rust.
  • Clean welds on inox steel.
  • Not damaging and safe for use on metal, rubber, seals, plastic, ceramic tiles.
  • Prolonged time of action.
  • Very fast and very strong.
  • Economical and easy to use.
  • Mild in contact with human skin and does not cause burns.
  • Not flammable, not toxic – it can be used in food storages and restaurants.


Inno RockOFF is a professional product that removes limescale, cement and other types of mineral deposits. It is also an ideal remover of corrosion and rust. This product has a wide spectrum of application in industry, construction business, nautical activities, agriculture, handicrafts, etc.

Inno RockOFF is a strong and long-term medium with remarkable power of penetration. It is used directly by applying to the outer surface, or in closed systems for cleaning the interior. It is not damaging and it is very safe for use on metal surfaces, rubber, seals, plastic and ceramic tiles. Inno RockOFF is very mild and in contact with human skin does not cause burns. It is completely soluble in water, easy to rinse and leaves no traces.

*** be sure to rinse after a short-term action – consult a sales representative and follow the instructions.



Type: cleaning product on acid base.
Color: neutral.
Odour: none.
Stability: very good.
Expiraton time: 12 months.
Flammability: not flammabale



– Removes limescale, cement and other types of mineral deposits
– Clean the interiors of closed systems (heat exchangers, boilers, cooling systems, water heating and vaporization systems, cooling towers).
– Removes cement and rust from all types of tools and equipment in construction business.
– Removes mineral deposits from the nautical equipment.
– Removes limescale and other deposits in cisterns.
– Clean welds on inox steel.

– Apply to the surface.
– Leave to act 5 to 30 minutes.
– If it is necessary, use a wire or a wire brush to speed the process.
– Rinse with plenty of water.


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