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inno MegaBOND

inno MegaBOND

  • Exellent two-component epoxy glue
  • Flexible bonding, ressistant to vibrations – does not crack
  • Very high tensile strength
  • Solvent free and non abrasive
  • Resistant to fuels, oils, solvents, weather conditions, temperature changes …
  • Bonds and adheres to almost all materials; plastics, wood, glass, ceramic, metal, …
  • Seals and fills various cracks and gaps on the material
  • Combined with FixIT primer can be used on demanding material


Inno MegaBOND is an exellent two-component epoxy adhesive. Iti s developed to satisfy the need for flexible adhesive suitable for bonding an wide range of materials, but also for sealing and filling cracks and gaps. Compounds on glued materials are strong and resilient, and can endure high loads and vibrations of the bonded material. Compounds are resistant to weather conditions, temperature changes, solvents, oils, fuel and moisture. Inno FixIT is usable on almost all materials; metal, plastic, wood, rubber, paper, leather, ceramics, fabrics, glass, … but also, combined with FixIT primer can be used on demanding materials.


Type: epoxid resins
Color: transparent light yellow
Viscosity 25 ° C (EN13702-2): 10 000-2000 mPa.sSpecific
weight: 1.20
Flash point: >86°C
Induration time: 10min 80% (25°C), 48h 100% (25°C), 16h 100% (40°C), 3h 100% (80°C)
Temperature stability: -30°C do 110°C
Chemical resistance: resistant on fuels, oil, solvents and moisture
Weather condition resistence: exellent
Certificates: REACH, RoHS
Storage: dry and cold place, away from light and high temperatures
Expiraton time: 24 months on 5° to 20° C



– Repair, reconstruction, expansion and bonding of all parts of metal, plastic, wood, ceramics, etc


  • If it is necessary, remove old color and rust
  • Sand the surface thoroughly (+/- P80)
  • Clean and degrease the place you want to bond; recommended degrasing agents: SafeCLEAN, SafeCLEAN vapo
  • Squeeze the glue and stir the two components; it is recommended to use mixers which themselves mix an ideal ratio of two components
  • For large ruptures or openings; it is recommended to use metal or plastic nets as a reinforcement
  • Put the required amount of glue on the bonding spot
  • Press and hold under pressure untill dries
  • In a case of bonding demanding materials, apply FixIT primer before applying the glue
  • Temperatures below 18°C will slow the curing and temperatures above 26°C will accelerate the curing.



inno MegaBOND Informacije o proizvodu

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