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inno SilLUBE H1

inno SilLUBE H1

  • high quality NSF H1 silicone lubricant for food industry
  • solvent-free, colorless and odourless
  • certified by REACH – guarantees that there is no harmful ingredients
  • maintains rubber parts of equipment, prevents them from cracking and aging, prevents the bonding of rubber seals to other objects
  • very effective lubricant for sliding paths, tracks, conveyor belts, transmission belts, chains, ball bearings, presses, valves, etc.
  • prevents accumulation and adhesion of dirt on the surface
  • does not attract dust and protects against rust
  • It can be used on metal, plastic, rubber, wood, textiles, stone, etc.
  • withstands temperatures from -60 ° C to 315 ° C, 100% waterproof (fresh and marine water)

inno SilLUBE H1 is a high-quality silicone lubricant with a wide range of use. It is solvent-free and creates a fine and resistant lubricating film that reduces friction and protects against corrosion and aging. It is excellent as a medium of separation in the molds because it prevents sticking of the content to the surface of a mold.


Composition: Silicone fluid, medium viscous
Color: colorless
Odour: no odour
Resistance: resistant to fresh and marine water
Temperature resistance: -60°C – 315°C
Dielectric resistance: 10-20 KV/mm


  • lubrication of slideways and rails, conveyor belts, transmission belts, chains, ball bearings, presses, valves, doors, various equipment in food processing,
  • transportation of food, refrigerators, catering equipment, etc.
  • lubrication of rubber parts of equipment and prevention from aging, cracking and bonding of the rubber gaskets and belts
  • lubrication of molds, also prevents adhesion of contents to the molds
  • lubrication of machines for grinding and cutting; prevents adhesion of products to the equipment


  • shake before use
  • spread over the surface you want to treat


inno SilLUBE H1 Informacije o proizvodu

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